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Mezcal Tequila Cocina

Latin Inspired Cooking & Cocktails


Mezcal is an open scratch kitchen

we create honest food made from fresh ingredients

Experience the allure of Latin-inspired dishes and exceptional cocktails at Mezcal Tequila Cocina, a chef-owned gem and the latest addition to Cedar Rapids' vibrant culinary scene. Our menu is a testament to the passion and creativity of our kitchen, offering a unique fusion of Latin flavors enhanced with the distinctive notes of mezcal and tequila. Every dish is crafted with care, reflecting our commitment to quality and innovation. Join us for a memorable dining journey in the heart of Cedar Rapids, IA, where the spirit of Latin cuisine comes alive under the guidance of our expert chef-owner.


Latin Inspired

From Scratch Cooking

What really makes Joseph and Ryan stand out is how true they stay to being authentic and building real connections. Whenever you pop into one of their spots, chances are, you’ll catch them there, making sure everyone's experience feels personal. They’re all about keeping things transparent in the kitchen and love to shake things up in Cedar Rapids with their unique dining spots. It’s this blend of passion and sincerity that’s earned them a special place in the hearts of the local food scene.

"People are naturally drawn to things that feel real and genuine, especially those made in small batches. Everyone craves that personal touch. Behind these special items is a person, not a machine, making the experience warm and inviting. We're all for supporting that human connection."

-Chef Joseph Avila-Burillo-

A restaurant chef preparing a dish

craft beer

scratch cocktails & Spanish wine

Embark on a mixology adventure at Mezcal Tequila Cocina in Cedar Rapids, IA, where every sip takes you on a journey. Our cocktail menu is a diverse showcase of tastes, featuring expertly crafted sipping tequilas, refreshing cervezas, enticing tequila flights, and robust Spanish wines that promise a tour of Spain in every glass. Dive into the lively spirit and rich flavors of our cocktail offerings, and experience the essence of our culinary world.


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